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Novocaine TheBand started with a few guys - all being very talented musicians - just getting together and "jamming". They eventually decided to start a band and got booked for small gigs here and there. They've then built up quite a good reputation and in November 2017 hosted their own show called The Anthems of the Ages. The show consisted of music from the 1950's, through all eras and genres, to the noughties. 
They are a cover band and their repertoire spans far and wide, based on clients' requests and the audience they are performing for. Throughout the course of the band’s union, they have won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life; performing at a variety of venues and making loads of public appearances. For the second year running, the band has recently performed at Club Westend as the headline act for a charity event called Rocking 4 Cancer. The band is also a regular on the line up at Concerts in the Park held at parks around the Western Cape. Other venues they have performed at include Clifton 4th beach for Capetalk's Moonstruck concert, Shimmy Beach Club, The Avenue Restaurant, CTICC, Century City Convention Centre, The City Hall, Quay4 Restaurant, Ferryman's Tavern, Pigalle Restaurant, to name but a few. 
The band is also worthy winners of Quay Four restaurant's Battle of the Bands 2018 competition! One of the prize winnings of this competition includes a playing contract at Quay Four restaurant for a year. 
The band has released its debut single this year called ADDICTED. It was exclusively released on the KFM Top40 with Car Waistie and has aired on many radio stations around the country.
They call themselves and have become synonymous with being called Cape Town's hottest party band!

Full Name
Email Address
Contact Number
Tel: +27 71 923 5196